A made-to-order range of furniture, which I started in 1993 whilst living in Sennen Cove. I started using driftwood and reclaimed timbers,which i think, add history to a piece of furniture. I made in this style due to the abundance of wood on the beach at the time. Unfortunately this is no longer the case, and most of the driftwood I find now comes from remote ares of Europe.

irish style furniture

During my travels to Ireland I have become influenced by the painted finishes and unique structure of traditional Irish country furniture. Whilst I provide these pieces painted in the colour of your choice, I wholeheartedly encourage clients to repaint as the mood takes, as would have been the tradition throughout Europe.

Glossy style: I have started making a more minimal style of furniture, which combines natural timbers, and lacquered bright elements, typically, these pieces use hardwood as worktops.